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The Voice of the Wild Will Be Heard Soon!

At long last, The Voice of the Wild, the next story set in the Mirage Universe, is finished! This was due to be completed almost a year ago, but due to Pop’s rapid decline, and a few other personal reasons, it got put on the backburner. Until now!

The Voice of the Wild (Final Edit)

After such a long time away from this story, it came as a surprise to read it with fresh eyes. It both shocked me and filled me with awe. There’s some really powerful stuff going on in this one, and I hope you’re all going to be able to read it. While certainly gratuitous at times, it is never without cause. Violence must always carry some thematic resonance, and I believe this story knocks it right out of the park.

Remember, as with all of my publications from http://miragestories.com, The Voice of the Wild will be FREE! It clocks in at only 9,600 words, so it’s a nice, easy read. Great for an evening adventure with a glass of wine and cheese.

Stay tuned for more details soon.

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